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Who Are We?

Gifting.sg works with local SME merchants to reduce prices of essential items, such that everyday donors can co-sponsor them at lower-than-retail prices. These items are then gifted to charities or communities in need.

About Us

Gifting.sg was born out of the realisation that donations to charities today are getting sluggish. Gifting.sg aims to connect donors to beneficiaries in the simplest and most straightforward way. Hence a new model…where we find local merchants to partially sponsor essential items they already sell (e.g. schoolbags, groceries, medical supplies), and you, the general donor, to help fulfill the other portion.


you and your colleagues want to help the lower-income community with $50. You may either give cash, of which you are unsure how much will the charity use for their own overheads.

Alternatively, you buy essential items as gifts, or what some call ‘blessing’, but $50 can only do $50 of good, as you have to pay retail prices to buy those gifts (second-hand items are out of the question here).

You/Your Organization Can Make A Difference

Gifting.sg’s campaigns make charitable gifting (not giving!) focus on ‘fishing rods’ rather than fishes, 

Direct Impact

Every dollar goes to co-sponsoring the product, no overheads.

Bulk Negotiating Power

We work with merchants to clear their stock at bulk so you can bless at less-than retail prices.

Card Rebates/Supplier Terms

We can direct you to make a purchase with the merchant, hence still eligible for rebates!

Get To Know Our Latest Updates

Even if you’re not ready to help, you can get ready with our insights.

Merchants & Charities: Partner Us!

If you are a merchant who wants to move your inventory, or a charity/VWO who needs some supplies, partner with us today!

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