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5 Ways to Spend Your Holidays Meaningfully

Since exams have just ended for some students, we would like to congratulate them for making it past another academic year. For those who have yet to complete their major national examinations, all the best for your ‘O’ levels and ‘A’ levels

Taking into consideration the travel restrictions and holidays just around the corner, we have prepared a list of 5 activities for students (and basically anyone) to spend their holidays meaningfully, virtually anywhere. 

  1. Learn a New Language
  2. Learn a New Sport
  3. Give Back to The Community
  4. Spend Time With People You Cherish
  5. Unwind and Rewind

This list purposefully does not include spending time dwelling on mastering the syllabus for the next academic year. After working so hard throughout the year, we encourage you to take the time during the November and December holidays for a well-deserved respite. Enjoy a good break and pursue your interests so that you can start the next year with a fresh outlook and look forward to learning. If you are a working adult, take these opportunities to put your mind off from work as well!


1 Learn a New Language

Students in Singapore are mandated to learn a mother tongue language from primary school unless they have special reasons while some students move on to pursue a third language in secondary school. Learning a new language allows students to be exposed to a new culture. Kids are also more receptive when they are younger, so it is best to start early. Some children are able to pick up the basics of languages from their parents without being explicitly taught due to their constant exposure from a young age. 

The language chosen does not have to be a completely new language, it can be a dialect which is already spoken by family members, or one which a foreign friend has shared before. Instead of learning from scratch, we encourage everyone  to polish their skills, have more conversations using their dialects and connect to their roots. This not only allows them to converse more comfortably with elderly who prefer dialects but improves the confidence of the child. The 4 main aspects of mastering a language is to build an environment for it which includes listening, speaking, reading and writing.

2 Learn a New Sport

After restrictions were tightened, many co-curricular activities (CCAs) were suspended. This has decreased the chances for students, especially those in sports CCAs, to exercise and play games with their friends. Since examinations are over, students can use the holidays to learn a new sport to keep fit and healthy!

It does not have to be an extremely strenuous sport – you could choose something that requires cognitive thinking and sports together such as playing pool or golf. It could also be a sport like biking in which you set your own comfortable pace. If you want to push your limits, you may want to consider joining an intensive spin class too.

For those who prefer exercising in the comforts of their homes, you can consider working out by playing sports related games such as Just Dance on the PlayStation or Wii. You can play the game using the app on your smartphone and a screen connected to the Internet. On the other hand, we also highly encourage yoga exercises and stretches that help you to destress.

3 Give Back to The Community

Many students do their volunteer-in-action (VIA) activities during the holidays to clock hours but we encourage you to do so with the genuine intention of helping others. This will allow you to realise how empowering and uplifting giving back to the community is. For the working adults reading this, this is even more true as it will likely speak to your inner calling.

As we have been in this space for a while, you might want to consider these things when you are choosing which activities you would like to participate in: 

  1. Which cause do I want to give back to this holiday?
  2. How much time do I have weekly to commit? 
  3. How can I contribute?
  4. Do I have special skills or talents that I can make use of to give back?

With these questions in mind, choose a cause that you would like to support this holiday. Give back to the community with your skills in mind, contribute your time meaningfully! If you do not have the time to give back, purchasing empowering gifts for others is also a great way to give back. If you would like some gift ideas, you can refer to our previous article!

4 Spend Time With People You Cherish

Take the time during the holidays to unwind and spend time with people you cherish. After (almost) a year of hard work, spending time doing activities you enjoy with people you love is a way to reset your mind for the new year. Remember that you do not have to justify your breaks, take time off whenever you need to. Spend time talking and catching up with people you might have drifted away from or neglected the past months.

We encourage you to update your friends about your life and keep afloat their updates as well. You never know if someone recently faced a drastic change in their life and needs support. Some people do not reach out for the fear of bothering others and rather act independently which could lead to rash decisions. Humans are communal creatures; it is ever so important how the people around you care, and are willing to be a listening ear or even go beyond to help them solve their issue! We have shared some ways to show you care in our other article.

5 Unwind and Rewind

Lastly, we hope that you will take time to relax. If you are a Korean-drama fan or a Marvel fan and have not watched the latest dramas or movies such as Squid Game or Shang Chi, the holidays are a great time for you to relax and catch up on these new movies. Watch them with your loved ones and discuss your thoughts about the plot or the cinematic view. You never know if your friends can spot an Easter egg that you missed! 

Conclusion: Spend Your Holidays Meaningfully

The school holidays and the impending year-end season are meant to be a time for relaxation and unwinding. At Gifting.sg, we hope you do not feel pressured to work extra hard to headstart the new year. It is more important that you take the time to recharge your batteries and push forward the next year instead of starting the year with lethargy and low energy.

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