Best Date & Time to Start Work after CNY 2021


People usually want to start and end work on a good note in hopes of progressing well in the new year. So, regardless if you are superstitious or not, it is important to select an auspicious date and time for the discontinuation of work also known as kai gong (开工) and for the commencement of work also known as xing gong (兴工). 

In this article, we will be talking about some things you can do for the discontinuation of work and also the auspicious dates and timings for companies to kai gong and xing gong.

To-dos for discontinuation of work: 

1. Clear your desk 

The Chinese New Year means the start of a new year and during this season, almost every household will do a big spring cleaning. You should do so for your office desk as well. Discard items that are unnecessary and arrange all your necessary items properly. If you are one of those that are still working from home, you can tidy up your home workspace too! 


2. Place a red packet in the drawer 

Placing a red packet in your drawer symbolizes good luck and you can keep in there for an entire year to bless yourself to have good progress in everything you do. Ensure that you put money inside your red packet, well as for how much, you can choose to put any amount you want or choose a lucky number based on your zodiac sign! 


3. Clear all debts

Ideally, you should clear all outstanding debts no matter how small be it parking fees your colleague has helped you pay or dinner money your friend paid on your behalf. Also, if possible, ensure that those who owe you money return them to you. This way, you can look forward to having wealth rolling to you this year!


Best dates for discontinuation of work 

Here are some auspicious dates and timings for discontinuation of work! 

9 Feb, Tuesday (clashes and unsuitable for Horse)

11 Feb, Thursday (clashes and unsuitable for Monkey)


Commencement of Work

Despite the current pandemic, you can too have your very own 兴工仪式 (xing gong yi shi) also known as commencement of work even if you are still working from home. 


Step 1: Follow a specific time and date as decided 

Step 2: Dress up 

Step 3: Have a clean workspace accompanied with some coffee or tea and some Chinese New Year Goodies 

Step 4: Hop on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype or any communication platform your company is comfortable with and have a good chat! 


Best dates for commencement of work 

Here are some auspicious dates and timings for discontinuation of work! 

15 Feb, Monday between 1pm and 3pm (clashes and unsuitable for Rats)

18 Feb, Thursday between 11am and 1pm (clashes and unsuitable for Rabbits)

19 Feb, Friday between 9am and 11am (clashes and unsuitable for Dragons)

23 Feb, Tuesday between 9am and 11am (clashes and unsuitable for Monkeys)


Pick a good date for a good year ahead! ?

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