Christmas Gifting 2021 ❤️ -

Christmas Gifting 2021 ❤️

Merry Christmas in advance! Thank you for choosing to give a gift and making a difference to a child this festive season ❤️ We will be partnering with numerous charities and are extremely appreciative of all the companies that have chosen to join us in this gifting campaign!


We have partnered with LOVE, NILS to raise funds for their 6th Annual Holiday Toy Drive that gives toys to children battling cancer. For some children, having a little toy could be the highlight of their day or even week. A little gesture goes a long way!

Best Brick Toys has very kindly reduced the prices of some dinosaur toy figurines and lego sets catered towards the younger age group, who will definitely appreciate this gesture. We will be giving these toys as a set. You have the power to make a little child smile! will be raising funds for a $12 toy set which includes:
1. 2x princess lego-compatible toy sets

  1. 2x fire truck lego lego-compatible toy sets
  2. 2x horse lego-compatible toy sets


New Life

We have partnered with New Life to offer their lower income children beneficiaries haircut vouchers. QB House has kindly reduced the price of the vouchers. Haircuts greatly boost a child’s confidence, we are sure you would have experienced the joy after getting a fresh cut at the hairstylist. However, not everyone has that luxury so we would like to invite you to impact a life with us today and grant them this experience! ❤️ will be raising funds for the vouchers that are $14.70 per child


Various Charities

We are partnering with numerous charities to distribute care packages to their children beneficiaries. This $25.95 care pack includes notebooks, masks, sanitizers, household items, toys, keychains and more! 

Many low income families do not spend quality time together due to the parents’ busy schedule and they do not have the luxury of having their dream toys due to financial restraints. We included stationery in the care pack too as more often than not, education is the only way out of the poverty cycle for children. We hope that these little gifts from the community and us will be able to motivate their learning, especially during the pandemic. A little gesture can mean a lot for these young minds!

We are grateful for the support from Ang Ku Kueh Girl, Filca Toys, Best Brick Toys and RAS Pharma for reducing the prices of their goods by a large margin to be included in our care pack. These companies are specially selected due to their pledge and vision towards contributing back to the community and we thank them for choosing to work with us this Christmas! ❤️


How can I give a gift?
Head to and add it to your gift basket or contribute via PayNow! If you choose to include your name, we will add it to our main campaign site as well to show our appreciation towards our donors. 

Thank you for making a difference today!

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