Creative Ways to Give Back! -

Creative Ways to Give Back!

When someone talks about giving back to the community, one thing that comes to mind is donating! Well, that is sure a very nice way to give back but there are other great ways to get involved and give back to the causes interested to help. In this article, let’s explore different new ways you can do good! 


1. Be a mentor 

One of the most rewarding ways to give back is through mentoring. By mentoring, you are directly giving back to the beneficiaries and through this, you can directly see the impact you have on your mentee’s life. It is very difficult for underprivileged youths to see hope and see a better future when the people around them are all faced with the same problem as they are. With the lack of resources and help from people around them, your mentorship comes in providing your mentee concrete steps to reach their goal. Just a note, mentorship requires a lot of commitment and time from your end, so only embark on being a mentor when you are ready. 


2. Start an Instagram account for a good cause 

Social media is a good way to build a community. Most of the time, non-profit organizations do not have the resources to maintain an active social media presence. If you have some time to spare, why not give it a go! The account you make could be a general account for the cause you care about. You can use this account to create awareness and help bring together an amazing group of people that is ready to provide support. 


3. Write a Handwritten Letter 

Showing you care is a wonderful way to give back. Take some time off your busy schedule to write some letters to strangers seeking treatment in hospitals or to foreign workers you see on the street. It does not take a lot from your end to make someone’s day. Whenever possible, grab some markets, construction materials, stickers and pen down your well wishes or words of encouragement and pass this kindness to someone else. You will never know how much this can impact the lives of others. 



Gifting works with local SME merchants to reduce prices of essential items, so everyday donors like you and me can co-sponsor them at lower-than-retail prices. These items are then gifted to charities or communities in need. With a couple of causes to choose from, pick one that you resonate with and help sponsor one or more essential items to them. 


Giving back does not have to be limited to just donating money or volunteering. Think out of the box and find creative ways to give back to the society. I hope this article sparked some ideas and if you have any creative ideas do remember to comment down and share it with us! ?

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