Doing good is simple! ? -

Doing good is simple! ?


It is true that the current COVID-19 pandemic has affected every business in some way or another. However, there are still companies that are doing their part and give back to the environment or the community. While we’re sure that there are way more companies out there doing good as well, we have collated a few for sharing here, so do support them if you have the means to do so!


  1. Better Trails LLP 

Image Source: Bettertrails

A social enterprise that aims to promote ethical and responsible use of outdoors and green spaces around Singapore. Better Trails organises recreation activities and environment education to the community to encourage better behaviour outdoors. Training is given to at-risk youths to give them an opportunity to be involved in meaningful outdoor activities or even provide them with the opportunity to facilitate outdoor experiences for those in need.


2. Green Nudge LLP 

Image Source: Green Nudge

Green Nudge works closely with companies and event organizers in hopes of having a zero waste outcome. Green Nudge aims to have an environmental focus by providing a start-to-finish solution that meets the waste management requirements of various events and functions. In addition, they offer coastal cleanups, visits, learning journeys and workshops to help educate and advocate environmental awareness to different groups of audiences.


3. Unpackt Pte Ltd 

Image Source: Hype & Stuff

Serves to promote waste minimization and reducing waste by providing affordable and convenient zero waste solutions to consumers. Unpackt is Singapore’s first zero waste grocery and lifestyle store that offers package-free bulk food, products and daily necessities to help you lead a zero waste lifestyle. What sets them apart from others is that they provide employment and development opportunities to the lower income, single mothers, senior citizens and more to help them feel more included in the community.


4. Swapaholic Pte Ltd  

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A social enterprise dedicated to help slow down the fashion industry by encouraging consumers to declutter and revamp their wardrobes without compromising individual’s fashion, wallets and the planet. Swapaholic allows you to give your “unwanted” clothes a second life in exchange for clothes you will actually wear.


Support local social enterprises

During this pandemic, the simplest thing anyone can do is to play their part for the community, by participating in activities and events organized by these organizations ?  Doing good is simple, do it today! 




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