How to be truly happy? -

How to be truly happy?

Are you truly happy? We understand as life gets into the way, you feel stress, pressured. Do you find yourself always under immense pressure to do well, to be more productive? Did you know that happy people have more productivity and perform better? But being happy is easier said than done. In this article, we will be sharing 5 ways to be happier so that you can be a happier and better person. 


1. Exercise 

You may think that you do not have time in the day to exercise but did you know squeezing in a 7 minutes workout is enough. Exercising is said to have profound effects on happiness and well-being and it is said to be an effective stress reliever. However, don’t get us wrong, you do not have to be stressed to benefit from exercising. Like we all know, exercising can help increase your brain power, body image and more! 

2. Get more Sleep 

Sleeping helps your body recover and repair itself to help you focus and be more productive the next day, thus adequate sleep is necessary and important for increasing happiness and productivity. 

3. Spend Quality Time with Friends and Family

Social time with friends and family are valuable and it helps make one happier. Be it catching up over a simple meal or going out on adventures or doing activities together are good ways to increase your happiness. Spare some time out every week to spend it with your loved ones. 

4. Practice Gratitude 

There are many ways to show gratitude from keeping a journal of all things you are grateful for, sharing it with your partner or friends. Taking note of the things you are thankful for reminds yourself how loved you are which helps improve your overall happiness. 

5. Acknowledge Unhappy Moments

Things will not always go as planned and that’s okay. It’s just part of life. If you get some bad news, made a mistake or just feel down, you do not have to try to be happy. Acknowledge the feeling of unhappiness, let yourself experience it for a moment but remember to look at the problem rationally to see what went wrong and see how you can improve it. 


Here are 5 simple yet effective ways to improve your happiness! Be truly happy, having negative emotions sometimes is alright but do try to recover from them and move on with life! 


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