Meet The Team: Shiv! -

Meet The Team: Shiv!

I’m Shiv, the current SEO specialist for I’m currently studying at Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) and will be achieving a diploma in Management Studies by March 2022. I will be moving on to the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) in the Singapore campus and have chosen to major in Marketing. is an opportunity presented to me by my mentor Kang. He showed me how we could give back to society while also improving our skills in various areas such as Marketing, copywriting and most importantly, the skills and processes needed to run Ad campaigns. As an aspiring digital marketer, I found this opportunity too good to pass. My greatest motivation to take up this position was the chance to help the less fortunate while improving my own skill set.

I took on the gifting project while working full time at as well as schooling full time. At first, it was hard to balance everything at once without compromising my own social life outside of work. However, once I planned my time properly and followed a strict schedule that I made, things started to get better. Of course, there are days where I feel completely burned out and I feel like procrastinating but I would always look to how these experiences can impart me both valuable hard and soft skills such as marketing and character development.

The best thing about work was that I genuinely enjoyed the tasks that I took up. Passion drove my work processes. Setting up SOPs with the rest of my team allowed us to work efficiently in a work-from-home setting. My co-workers in gifting were extremely welcoming and that also helped me to open up really fast to them! Everyone in gifting was very accommodating and were ready to help me whenever I needed help. Teamwork is what gets us through all our hard times faced there.

If you think that you can balance school, work, and life, I would genuinely recommend this experience to you. This is an incredibly rare experience as most students take time off school if they choose to do a full-time internship but the knowledge I gained from this project does not only help in the long run but also with school. There are topics in school that I am learning where these real experiences have helped to make my education journey smoother. Working and learning at the same time sounds extremely stressful but if you have the right support system and the right mindset, anything is possible!

I would like to end with a quote by Les Brown to inspire you, “Aim for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

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