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Remote Volunteering Opportunities


With the ongoing Covid-19 situation, it is best to maintain safe-distances and avoid gathering. While there are still many remote volunteering opportunities that do not require you to leave the comfort of your home amidst the pandemic, you can still contribute to social groups! We have collated some remote opportunities here with a rough gauge of the commitment level.


1 Online tuition programmes or Homework Supervision

Commitment level: Weekly

There are various organisations that are looking for volunteers to teach low-income families who cannot afford the hefty fee of tuition. The commitment level is usually 1.5 hours to 2 hours weekly and the total duration varies for different organisations.

It would be good if you have experience in teaching students, are currently a student or have recently graduated as you will still retain fresh memories of the content taught in school. 

Where you can volunteer:


2 Bonding with the elderly

Commitment level: Dependent on the event

Volunteers can do a range of activities to entertain the elderly in retirement homes or nursing homes. Examples of activities include playing games such as bingo, singing karaoke, doing arts and crafts or just spending time talking to them and easing their boredom. There are also organisations that are open to volunteers proposing unique ideas such as penpalling! 

Where you can volunteer:


3 Bonding with children 

Commitment level: Dependent on the event

Activities with children typically include story-telling, reading or art-and-craft activities with. Some of these children come from lower-income households or face problems at home so these activities can be a new experience or an escape for them. Children are also usually fun and energetic so make sure to have tons of energy! 

Where you can volunteer:


4 Skills-based volunteering 

Commitment level: Dependent on the event

If you are a skilled professional, sharing tips and experiences you have encountered in your industry is also a way to give back to the community. It is an opportunity to put your expertise to use for a good cause, and you can probably even enable those you help to further in their lives, which is beyond just volunteering and bringing joy!

Where you can volunteer: 


5 Volunteer overseas (virtually!)

With remote volunteering being implemented more widely, it is possible to volunteer at overseas organisations remotely as well. There are tons of volunteering opportunities now made accessible even if you are halfway across the world. Use the advent of the Internet to explore volunteering opportunities in different regions! 

Where can you find overseas volunteering opportunities:


Volunteering vs Donating

We hope that this list has been helpful. If you do not have time to volunteer but would still wish to give back to the community, you can support Food4Seniors by Strongsilvers by sponsoring food for seniors who do not have access to food delivery apps! Stay safe!

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