Can Senior Citizens Get Food Safely? -

Can Senior Citizens Get Food Safely?


It’s true – the groups who get hit the hardest in the midst of a lockdown are the young and the old. The young, for having their thirst for active inquiry suppressed, and the old – for the boredom which we think they are used to, but actually mentally kills.

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One aggravator for this is the general lack of knowledge of technology within this age group, which has led to exclusion from the gig economy, as participants or service providers alike. This gets even more pronounced with the gap in the savviness of such, also known by commentaries as the “digital divide“.

Strongsilvers, an online community for seniors, has hence decided to help the disadvantaged segment of the very customer group they are serving. As an online community, Strongsilvers enables seniors to re-discover their talents, be engaged with content that matter, and help brands and advertisers reach the silver generation by creating a community of senior content creators, influencers, and talents. But there is also a massive group of seniors not privy to such a website, and this is the core driver that made this partnership an easy go-ahead.

Covid-19 Fundraising Campaign

This campaign on is the first in which the fundraising partner is disclosed, and we are working with Strongsilvers to drive the charge in helping seniors who have no access to delivery services and cooking options at home to minimise exposure to the elements and the virus. Strongsilvers is raising $10,000 for 2,000 hawker meals to provide for the stomachs of these seniors who have built our nation before us.

There are more details on the campaign page, so click here to gift now!

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