Starting 2022 Right! -

Starting 2022 Right!

Happy New Year! All of us at hope that the past 2 weeks of 2022 have treated you well, and thank you for all the support you have shown us in the past year. During the past year, we have embarked on numerous campaigns benefiting elderly, children, persons-with-disabilities, incarcerated fathers and teenage beneficiaries. We have been able to impact so many groups because of your kind support. This year, will continue to work with many SMEs and charities!

In today’s article, we will be exploring some of our team members’ new year’s resolutions and how we aim to achieve them. A new year’s resolution is a promise to yourself to change something and perform it differently as compared to the previous year – a promise for improvement. We hope that these resolutions will inspire you as we journey towards achieving these goals together!

1 Keeping Fit

Many of us are often too distracted by the hustle and bustle of city life to focus on keeping our bodies fit, with our minds fixated on work or school. It is important to reserve some time weekly to spend time exercising as your health is your greatest asset. Keeping fit does not only mean sticking to a strictly regimental schedule to the gym but can also mean spending your weekends playing badminton with your loved ones. 

An easy way to ensure that you achieve your goals is to set small and achievable targets regularly. For example, setting an easy workout regime at the beginning of the year and increasing the difficulty bit by bit every 2 weeks. It is also important to ensure that you stick to your schedule. There might be times where you have important commitments at the time that you are supposed to work out and that’s okay! Just remember to reschedule and fulfill your goals on another date, preferably one day before or after so that it does not mess with your schedule.

An app that would help to keep you on track with your workout is the Nike Training App. This app is free for users and comes up with regimes based on difficulty levels and the area you would like to exercise and train on!

2 Studying Smart

Focusing on academics is highly important, especially in a meritocratic society like Singapore. Some students study extremely hard but their results do not reflect so. Thus, it is extremely important to study smart instead of just simply studying hard. After consulting our team on their study methods, we have summarised a few important tips for you!

  1. Most teachers or lecturers cover topics based on a syllabus. Study according to the syllabus and organise your notes accordingly, this would also help you to identify key learning points and map your work out for more organised revision.
  2. Don’t fall behind classes! Keep it a good habit to regularly attend classes, even if you think that the topic being covered in school is something you already know very thoroughly as there might be tips and tricks that you are unaware of. Skipping a few classes might throw you off your schedule and put you in a bad cycle where you regularly miss school. 
  3. Complete your tasks ahead of time. Most of the deadlines or exam dates are set out way in advance, take this time to work on your preparation beforehand instead of leaving it to the very last minute! Even if you have successfully done so before, it would definitely put your mind more at ease if you prepared earlier and allow you to feel less anxious before your exam and allow for better quality answers. Leaving buffer time can also prepare you for emergencies where you might not have time to complete your work. 

3 Saving Goals

Different people have different priorities in life – some like to live in the moment and spend lavishly to spoil themselves while some prefer to save up extra cash for rainy days. There is no right or wrong way to live but here are some tips our team has when it comes to saving money! 

  1. Create a bank account and save all your money in one as higher savings would tend to lead to higher interest rates that helps to churn out savings. Otherwise, contributing voluntarily to your CPF account would also allow your savings to multiply and allow you to have an increased funding in your MediSave in the future. 
  2. Split your income into percentages. We would encourage you to park a percentage of your savings (whichever % you are comfortable with) after deducting the amount you spend on necessities. However, it is important to remember to make life worth living and spend a portion on yourself too, get a small treat such as a good meal. 
  3. If you have extra income to spare, make a difference with us! hosts many fundraising campaigns for many various causes and we would love to have you on board with us to contribute back to our society.


Conclusion: Let’s make 2022 our year! 

These are just a few new year’s resolutions that the team has come up with. We would love to hear your thoughts and the goals you are working towards in the new year! Once again, thank you for supporting us and remember, any goal is achievable but you should work in bite sizes! If you delve in directly into your goal, you might burn out after spending too much effort on it. Remain consistent and work towards the final product.

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