Treat Yourself This Singles Day (11.11) -

Treat Yourself This Singles Day (11.11)

Singles Day, also known as 11.11, is a worldwide festive period. Stemming from the Chinese, 11 November is a day used to commemorate those who do not have a partner. Given the harmonic nature of the numbers, couples also see 11.11 as an auspicious date. Many even choose to hold their wedding celebrations on this very day! It can be interpreted to be an unofficial anti-valentine’s day for the Chinese. 

Enjoy Discounts

So what can you look forward to on 11.11? Jack Ma, the co-founder of online shopping giant Alibaba created the idea of having a large shopping sale on this day. It is meant to celebrate singlehood and urge those without partners to give themselves a treat.

Over time, shopping platforms like Lazada and Shopee have also launched special deals on 11.11, especially those usually unavailable on normal days. Sales on Singles Day have also exceeded sales on Thanksgiving/Black Friday sales in the West for the past few years, largely due to the extremely good limited-time  deals. 

In Singapore, it would also be ideal to look out for local deals. Online supermarkets such as Redmart have offered discounts of up to 50% off in the past. Shoppers that use credit cards from certain banks are also entitled to special discounts and cashback rebates. Even overseas platforms like Taobao have also offered special deals and digital hongbaos.

Lazada has even invited famous KPOP band, SEVENTEEN to conduct advertisements and promote shopping on 11.11, while Shopee has invited Jackie Chan to do their campaigns before. Lazada has even quoted “low, low, lowest prices” on this very day. Many have been waiting for 11.11 to arrive in order to snatch deals or finally cart out all their items. Shoppers can also avail themselves of winning vouchers by playing online games and lucky draws!

There are many different sales and cashbacks coming up which could save you money! We would highly encourage you to cash out your cart and treat your friends and family while you are carting out. Although, do remember that Cyber Monday is coming up on 29 November and Black Friday is coming up on 26 November. 

Buy Yourself Gifts

 Apart from the deals that have made online shopping on 11.11 more affordable, you can consider taking it as a chance to treat yourself. Get that video game or indulge in a wellness experience that you have always been planning for, regardless of discounts! After all, you have worked hard thus far, and deserve a break to seek respite from the fast-paced working environment in our society. We encourage you to refer to our article on the importance of self-care!

You may choose to buy gifts for other fellow singles who have worked hard alongside you. This can also be an occasion for you to express your love for your friends and family. We encourage you to make plans in case the vouchers are all snatched up – some 11.11 sales sometimes start really early!

Take a Break

Besides carting out online on Singles day, be sure to take care of yourself and get a well-deserved break. Since Singles Day was originally created to place emphasis on YOU, be sure to really enjoy this day. You could treat yourself to some good food, go out for a walk, relax, or just have fun.

This is the perfect day to practice self-care – no matter how busy you get, always remember to take care of yourself! Spend your time on things that bring you joy, with the company you love.

Take the day off to spend time catching up with your family members or friends. If you are a selfless individual, you may also choose to spend your day volunteering and spending time with the elderly in the community or donating money to charities as a way of giving back to society! 

Conclusion: Focus on YOU!

Nothing really beats the feeling of relaxation or a self-treat after working hard. We will only be able to work properly after getting enough breaks as no one can work non-stop like a machine. We all deserve proper downtime to recharge our minds so that we have enough brain power and energy to get back on the grind. Remember – it is perfectly okay to take some time out of our busy schedules to take care of ourselves and enjoy life!

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