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Gift-for-Good Campaigns

Hello there! You are seeing this because you have a good heart, and we are glad to have you here ❤

We are asking for your kind support to take a look at the gifts listed below, and kindly provide a fellow Singaporean who is less fortunate than you a (virtual) helping hand by gifting something you believe in, as well as can potentially change their lives.

You need to create an account on our platform (in beta!) to help out. For bulk donations above $500, you may do so as a guest, please write to us here.

Educational (Adults): Cooking Experience Course

This course is curated and run by the kitchen staff at Kimchi Xpress, a social enterprise which has a focus for fair employment. It is targeted at adults who are in between jobs or have their previous jobs rendered obsolete due to the pandemic, and would like to try their hand at the F&B industry. It is a short one-day curriculum with a chance of future employment if the candidate’s attitude is good. Donors will be sponsoring the course materials for selected candidates.

Social Causes

We are benefitting the less fortunate and lower-income in this cause, especially those who lost their jobs. A variety of charities across Singapore are sending their beneficiaries.

Cost to Help

$29.90 to cover the material costs of the workshop.

Educational (Kids): Design Workshop

BEEP Lab, a social enterprise that provides educational courses on design and architecture, is running their annual Architectural Design Challenge and they are opening this invitation to children beneficiaries. Students aged P2 to P6 will be able to take part to enrich their co-curricular time. Donors to cover the cost of the workshop materials.

Social Causes

Children from lower-income taken care by charities in the west zone will benefit. They typically do not have access to outside enrichment activities like this.

Cost to Help

$38.50 is the cost of purchasing a toolkit necessary for the hands-on challenge, BEEP are waving the additional signup fees for the kids.

Educational (PWDs): Arts Management Workshop

Aspara Asia, focusing on arts education and productions in collaboration with persons with disabilities (PWDs), is putting together a workshop that will provide employability skills in the arts sector. This can be a fulfilling and empowering day activity for clients/beneficiaries who fall under the Special Needs and Down Syndrome umbrella, as it provides them with an actual skill.

Social Causes

We are currently in final-stage talks with two charities sponsoring and managing PWDs.

Cost to Help

The workshops are highly customised to each PWD’s abilities and hence just to cover costs, it can range between $50 to $500 per head. The $20.00 we are small efforts to help us make this possible.

Elderly: Walking Sticks

Agegracefully, which designs and manufactures walking sticks aimed at preventing falls, is kindly providing a steep discount on their walking sticks for our donors to purchase as a gift to beneficiaries. Help out at wholesale prices!

Social Causes

4 eldercare centres across Singapore. Especially targeted at those with high fall risks.

Cost to Help

A walking aid costs $70 to $90 on retail and hence we are giving a 30% mark-down.

Youth: Career Counselling & Skills Workshop

Bamboo Builders believes in empowering the next generation and conducts workshops and courses to help our youths gain exposure to the real world. They are willing to work with youths to create a career discovery journey, to help youths find their way, especially with 21st century skills such as digital marketing and technology. Youths will be able to seek out a mentor and gain some skills.

Social Causes

Youths at risk and those who are lost and/or do not have access to career exploration resources. Youth centers around Singapore.

Cost to Help

$39.80 helps us run 2-3 days of an introductory/discovery workshop at cost.


What is We are a social enterprise based in Singapore, which aims to present to you giving-back campaigns that make the most impact. You would have the same belief as us that giving cash to charities is a black hole, and purchasing items off the shelf means you have to pay retail price. We solve these two problems in donation by getting merchants to lower their prices for charity, just like what you see on this page. 

Who exactly are you supporting and how do I know they are real? While our campaigns are focused around the causes, some users would want to know the exact beneficiary, who are, unfortunately, protected by confidentiality rules. We attempt to mention the charity organization taking care of them, though this is relatively limited as well, due to the fundraising approval process within most charities. However, we have and will always provide proof-of-doing, i.e. pictures with face censored of your gift reaching the beneficiary directly.

If you have any questions, or suggestions for how we can improve, you may reach us at the email address below!

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