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Christmas Campaigns:

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Gift A Haircut To A Child For The New Year

A haircut might not be significant in many of our views, but it can actually do wonders to the confidence and self esteem of someone who does not have much to get by, even for a regular change in hairstyle. As children will start preparing for the new school year soon, we advise donors who wish to help the children start the year on a good note to contribute to this gift. is honoured to support this campaign and would like to invite you to join us in empowering our children to start the new year right.

About The Charity

New Life Stories is a non-profit organisation that aims to prevent intergenerational incarceration. We take on a holistic approach with a child-centric focus to ensure that both the children and their families are supported with the necessary resources to eventually reach high self-efficacy.

About The Merchant

QB HOUSE provides the a haircut services that has become popular within our society. Through specialized service, QB HOUSE believes this is what it brings to society as a new measure of value. A strong believer of helping customers spend short times at reasonable prices, QB HOUSE has agreed to help out in this charitable campaign benefiting the children of Singapore.

The Good Deal

QB HOUSE will be co-funding a range of QB KIDS (original price $22) and normal adult haircut (UP$12, for children above 7), and has kindly agreed to provide a composite pricing of $14.70 and will be given to the charity upon payment (you do not get the haircut).

Year-End Care Packs for Incarcerated Fathers

Many persons nearing the end of their incarceration are at a lost when it comes to returning to society. Getting a job is a relatively minor issue, something more major here is their ties with family members and other loved ones. The Helping Hand will be organizing a year-end that improves bonds with incarcerated parents and their children. A care package that contains items useful for parents and children alike will be provided to them. is pleasured to be helping The Helping Hand in this area and would cordially invites every website visitor to join us in helping shape the next generation. This campaign is put together by an unprecedented 5 merchant-partners so while helping a good cause, you are #supportinglocal for 5 SMEs as well.

About The Charity

The Helping Hand (THH) is registered as a Social Service Agency (SSA) under the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) and the National Council of Social Service (NCSS), with Institution of Public Character (IPC) status. We also work with Singapore Prison Service (SPS) to house residents who are nearing the end of incarceration to go through our four-fold rehabilitation process before reintegrating them back into society as contributing citizens. We have transformed many lives and have since opened our doors to all ex-offenders.

About The Merchants

The merchants that have came together to work on this care package are: HAOmart, RAS Pharma, AngKuKueh Girl, Filca Toys, and Best Brick Toys. More descriptions or links to their website can be found in the link below.

The Good Deal

The merchants have individually discounted items as high as 75% off. Collectively, a markdown of about 60% has been applied on the entire package, which will consist of 10 different items that a family finds useful. For $25.80, there is no way you can assemble this yourself by purchasing retail items from a supermarket (note: these items will be shipped to the charity once paid. You do not get the package).

Gift A Toy To A Child With Cancer

For many children with cancer, happiness can be as simple as a little toy to pass time with. A commonly neglected group among fundraisers, children with cancer, and especially their family members and caregivers, could use a lot more support from us. is proud to enable this gift and would now like to invite you as a donor to ensure a young cancer patient can have a wonderful Christmas this year.

About The Charity

LOVE, NILS is a registered charity that provides emotional, social and community support to cancer patients and caregivers. Being with them every step of the way, LOVE, NILS also takes a conscious effort each Christmas to put smiles on the faces of children and teens under their care. 

About The Merchant

This Toy Donation Drive will be supported by Best Brick Toys. Best Brick Toys is a distributor of children building blocks and is compatible with other well-known brick brands. They aim to provide affordable access to these blocks without a loss in quality. With a variety of themes like Land Forces for the boys and Girl’s Dream for the girls, Best Brick Toys offers much fun for young and old!  

The Good Deal

Best Brick Toys have provided a markdown of about 70% on their toy sets, which consists of 6 Lego-compatible toy add-ons. Please click the button for more details. Each toy set is $12 after the goodwill discount and will be delivered to the children upon being funded (you do not get the toyset).

Support Our Other Causes

Youths At Risk


Single Parent

Low-Income Families


Walking Sticks for Elder Homes

Agegracefully is co-sponsoring walking sticks to help the elderly in homes have more active mobility.
Gift a walking stick at wholesale prices!


Career Counselling & Skills Workshop

Bamboo Builders believes in empowering the next generation and is delivering workshops to youths-at-risk, at cost. The youths will gain clearer career pathways and skills in digital marketing.


Cooking Experience Course

This is run by the kitchen staff at Kimchi Xpress, a social enterprise focusing fair employment. It is meant for adults in career transition and would like to expose themselves to an F&B career.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is We are a social enterprise based in Singapore, which aims to present to you giving-back campaigns that make the most impact. You would have the same belief as us that giving cash to charities is a black hole, and purchasing items off the shelf means you have to pay retail price. We solve these two problems in donation by getting merchants to lower their prices for charity, just like what you see on this page. 

Who exactly are you supporting and how do I know they are real? While our campaigns are focused around the causes, some users would want to know the exact beneficiary, who are, unfortunately, protected by confidentiality rules. We attempt to mention the charity organization taking care of them, though this is relatively limited as well, due to the fundraising approval process within most charities. However, we have and will always provide proof-of-doing, i.e. pictures with face censored of your gift reaching the beneficiary directly.

Are there tax deductions available? As this is not cash donations directly to an Institute of Public Character (IPC), no tax receipts will be able to be issued. However, that you are would that you believe in the power of gifting over giving. The reduced costs by the SMEs here (up to 70% savings) would mean that you are definitely better off buying a $3 item here than deducting $10 off your taxable income.

No Hidden Fees
This is a community initiative and we do not intend to profit from it.  Any excess funds that we receive will be given back to the community via our current or future initiatives.

If you have any questions, or suggestions for how we can improve, you may reach us at the email address below!

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