Better giving, better living. -

Better giving, better living.

This Christmas, give the gift of festive cheer to those in need.

For Senior Citizens

Gift a grandparent in need the awareness over their health.

Item: Blood Pressure Monitor

Gift Amount: $32

For Children

Carrying school supplies doesn’t need to be a burden.

Item: School Bags

Gift Amount: $13

For Kids in Nepal

Think beyond our borders. Partnership courtesy of ImpactShopSG

Item: Face Masks

Gift Amount: $12


How Do I Know You’re Not a Scam? This platform is operated by Credit Sharing Platform Pte Ltd (201940580D) with secure escrow accounts provided by Stripe and PayPal. If you choose to use PayNow, we transact via a company account. Furthermore, we will never use a charitable cause to scam money.

Who Are the Communities I’ll Be helping? We are working with social service agencies and will put their logos up upon consent. Due to confidentiality issues, we cannot reveal their faces or names, but have summarized a few of their stories/profiles instead. Additionally, we will take photos as proof of doing in the fulfillment phase.

What Are The Exact Items I’ll be funding? For blood pressure monitors, we’re getting a mix of this product and this product for different groups of elderly. For schoolbags, this product has been rather value-for-money. We will welcome any introductions to local merchants providing similar items to help us #supportlocal.

Are there Any Fees Or Catches? We may do a small markup from our procurement cost to reach the currently published prices. We are in pre-launch phase and this is markup will barely cover credit card fees, which typically range about 2.5% to 3.5%. We will review it in future.

About Us aims to make giving more purposeful, straightforward, and transparent. We know you’re tired of the same charity donation calls and not knowing where your money goes, so we run very specific item-raising programmes instead.

At our core, we are a tech firm, and we will start to explore building

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