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Merchant Listing Aug 2021

DIK Interest Indication by FSCs/VWOs

On this page we list the merchants who have agreed to work with to provide items or services that can uplift your client/beneficiary. This page is a private pre-order page and is accessible only via the email that you have clicked through.

We appreciate your time in reading about the merchants’ offerings. Please indicate your interest at the bottom of the page if any of the items are of long-term enablement help to your clients. 

Educational (Adults): Cooking Experience Course

This course is curated and run by the kitchen staff at Kimchi Xpress, a social enterprise which has a focus for fair employment. It is suitable for adults who are in between jobs or have their previous jobs rendered obsolete due to the pandemic, and would like to try their hand at the F&B industry. It is a short one-day curriculum with a chance of future employment if the candidate’s attitude is good. Note that clients will need to be interviewed by Kimchi Xpress. Our donors will sponsor the course materials for selected candidates. 

Educational (Kids): Design Workshop

BEEP Lab, a social enterprise that provides educational courses on design and architecture, is running their annual Architectural Design Challenge and they are opening this invite to FSCs who have children under their care as well. Students aged P2 to P6 will be able to take part to enrich their co-curricular time. We will put this workshop onto our platform for donors to cover the cost of the workshop materials, so all that an FSC needs to do is to send interested children over. 

Educational (PWDs): Arts Management Workshop

Aspara Asia, focusing on arts education and productions in collaboration persons with disabilities (PWDs) is putting together a workshop that will provide employability skills in the arts sector. This can be a fulfilling and empowering day activity for clients/beneficiaries who fall under the Special Needs and Down Syndrome umbrella, as it provides them an actual skill. Upon confirmation, Aspara will be contacting the social worker/VWO to work out exact details of the workshop.

Elderly: Walking Sticks

Agegracefully, which designs and manufactures walking sticks aimed at preventing falls, is kindly providing a steep discount on their walking sticks for our donors to purchase to gift to beneficiaries. This would make it attractive for the donors on our platform as they are able to help out at wholesale prices. FSCs or VWOs taking care of elderly, and with a demand for standard, quad-leg, chair, or foldable walking sticks are encouraged to request them via us, and we will get them donated in-kind.

Youth: Career Counselling & Skills Workshop

Bamboo Builders believes in empowering the next generation and conducts workshops and courses to help our youths gain exposure to the real world. They are willing to work with us and your clients to create a career discovery journey, to help youths find their way, especially with 21st century skills such as digital marketing and technology. If you or your center have youths who are ‘lost’ in their lives, and would like to seek out a mentor and gain some skills, this is the opportunity for you to help them indicate interest below.

FSC/VWO Interest Form (Indicate Here)

Contact Us & FAQ

What do we do, and where do we go from here? At this stage we are preparing this as a donation-in-kind opportunity for our donors on our main platform ( Once you have referred clients to us, and the merchants accept the client, we get donors to directly pay the merchant for the small overheads of running the course/service/item that the merchant would render.

Why will donors pay or not pay? Donors today don’t want to donate cash anymore. They want to give items, which is why we work with the merchants to cut the prices for their donation deeds. Our data shows that they do not want to donate because of inadequate information. Hence, we have made it mandatory for you to consent us to publish the name of your organization, as well as a call to understand the client’s background story.

If you have any questions, you may reach us at the WhatsApp number indicated in the email sent to you, or the email address below.

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