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Local SME Merchants

Why Partner Us?

If your business’ trade is in categories such as small medical equipment, school supplies, mobility aids, or other essential items, we are able to help you move your older inventory with a social cause. Being a merchant with us will also position your brand as a brand-for-good.

How to Partner Us (Example)

1) RRP: $50 | COGS: $20 | GM: $30.
2) Lower GM to $8 | New RRP: $28.
3) Create new SKU with price of $28.
4) We will direct traffic there and charge $2 per txn.
5) Fulfill all orders on new SKU to us and we will distribute.

Charities, VWOs, FSCs

Why This Method of Giving

People today are getting increasingly mindful of the way they give back, and it’s a known fact that traditional fundraisers just won’t cut it anymore. The most progressive centres in Singapore have already benefitted and so should you.

What Can We Do?

Kindly reach out to us if you have an in-kind donation request of at least 20 pieces of the same item, which will directly benefit your clients/beneficiaries. It would be best if you already have a particular url of the ideal items to be bought.

Partner Us Now!

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