Carepacks for Lower-Income Families with Young Children -

Carepacks for Lower-Income Families with Young Children


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Charity: The Helping Hand (website)

Cause: The Helping Hand’s Christmas Event on 18 December will be reaching out to fathers who are near the end-of-incarceration, and they will be bringing this pack home for their families and children, along with a soft toy.

Partnership: Our merchants have came together to chip in items they can, giving an up-to-80% off from their usual retail or commercial transaction price.

Final Price to Gift: $25.80 (usual price on retail: about $70)

Merchants and Products:

  • Ang Ku Kueh Girl (website) — 1x Cat Design Notebooks 64 pages A5
  • Best Brick Toys (website) — 3x Capsuled Brick Lego Toys (assorted)
  • Hao Mart (website)
    • 1x Good Brand Hand Sanitizer 500ml
    • 1x Disney Hand Sanitizing Wipes 20s
    • 1x Dettol Body Soap 100g 3+1 pack
    • 2x Dettol Multi-Clean 1L
    • 1x Herbal Farm Granola Creations Dark Choc and Banana 60g
    • 1x Super Nutremill Brown Rice Cereal 4-in-1 30g
  • RAS Pharma (website) — 30x Face Masks (adult), 20x Handiplast plasters


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