Digital marketing workshop by Bamboo Builders -

Digital marketing workshop by Bamboo Builders


Bamboo Builders believes in empowering the next generation and conducts workshops and courses to help our youths gain exposure to the real world. They are willing to work with youths to create a career discovery journey, to help youths find their way, especially with 21st century skills such as digital marketing and technology. Youths will be able to seek out a mentor and gain some skills.

Social Causes

Youths at risk and those who are lost and/or do not have access to career exploration resources. Youth centers around Singapore.

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Charity Progress


Gifting SG
We (201940580D Credit Sharing Platform Pte Ltd) operate this platform “Gifting.SG” with secure escrow accounts supported by Stripe and PayPal. If you choose to use PayNow, we will transact via a company account. For transparency, we will also publish the progress of the contributions made.

Communities We Work With
We work with social service agencies for various causes – elderly, children, persons-with-disabilities, youth and more. To protect the identity of the beneficiaries in accordance to PDPA, we have given a summary of their stories instead. After we deliver the gifts of empowerment to the beneficiaries, we will upload these stories with photos onto our success story page!

List of Gifts for Beneficiaries
There are different items granted for different causes, you may check out (link page) for the full list of gifts for beneficiaries! We welcome any introductions to local merchants providing similar items #supportlocal.

No Hidden Fees
This is a community initiative and we do not intend to profit from it.  Any overheads that we receive will be given back to the community via our current or future initiatives!

*We may procure items from our suppliers at prices that are slightly lower than published prices to cover credit card fees, which typically range about 2.5% to 3.5% for small orders. There will not be credit card fees incurred if you choose to contribute via PayNow.


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